Who are we?

Safe Consulting Group is one of the  
leading companies on IT Governance
(Audit, Control & Security of Information 
Technologies) in Ibero America

Since its foundation in 1994 by a group of experienced professionals in the areas of Audit, Control and Security of Information Systems, SAFE Consulting Group specialized in providing Consulting, Training and Support for Internal Audit and Security, Fraud Detection, Continuous Monitoring, Electronic Banking, Operating System Security, Telecommunications and Networking, mobile systems, data Transmission, Penetration and IT forensics, and Application audits and reviews in large global business companies and public entities.


The service strategy we provide from SAFE is based on a cooperative approach whereby the achievement of project business objectives is obtained using internal resources and enhancing the client's strengths, combined with the expertise of our consultants.

We focus our efforts to add value and modify practices and train the customer team while we transfer knowledge, with the ultimate goal of reducing the overall risk of the company and strengthen and secure the environment of Information Technology (IT) Governance.

"The IT Governance enables the company to take full advantage the information resources maximizing benefits, capitalizing on opportunities and gaining comparative advantages .."

COBIT - ITGI (Information Technology Governance Institute)